Advancing Today’s Energy for Tomorrow’s Sustainable World

Founded in 1998, Quantum is a leading global provider of private capital to the responsibly sourced energy and energy transition & decarbonization sectors, what we call the Sustainable Energy Ecosystem.

Read more about our commitment and progress toward sustainability in the 2023 Quantum ESG Report (and foundational updates to our ESG policies in our 2022 ESG Report)

About Quantum

Quantum is more than an investment firm; it is a partner for progress. We build energy companies that will help ensure a responsible transition to a net-zero carbon future. Our team has deep experience investing across the energy value chain, allowing us to meet today’s biggest energy challenges with discipline and agility. We are entrepreneurs first, with a long- term vision and a collaborative mindset. Through our high-tech and data-driven approach, strong commitment to ESG, and vast industry expertise, we are setting the standard for energy excellence.

What We Do

Quantum has developed a platform of investment strategies to take advantage of the wide variety of opportunities within the Sustainable Energy Ecosystem. Our knowledge of the entire energy value chain and our capability to invest across the capital structure provide us with unique advantages to support the energy transition. Although we have a flexible investment mandate, we operate with a “one team” mindset.

We provide growth capital to leading energy and sustainability entrepreneurs.

We offer credit-oriented solutions to private and public energy and sustainability companies.

We invest in transformative energy and sustainability technology companies.

Our Portfolio

We build great companies led by great people. Since inception, we have made more than 100 investments across the energy industry. Our 20+ year track record of investing in the energy and sustainability sectors has made us a leading partner to entrepreneurs focused in these areas.

Our ESG Framework

We believe that incorporating, measuring, and managing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors does not compromise returns but instead drives value creation. Quantum’s ESG strategy is consistent with our hands-on investment style. We proactively identify risks and opportunities to inform our decision-making across each step of the investment lifecycle.


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