The Quantum Story: All In On Entrepreneurship in Energy

Entrepreneurship has been in Quantum’s DNA from the very beginning. Wil VanLoh founded the firm in 1998 at the age of 28 upon recognizing an untapped business opportunity to provide private equity capital to entrepreneurs in the upstream oil & gas sector.

Over time, our vision and scope have expanded as we recognized emerging opportunities across the energy value chain and as a result of the increasing focus on sustainability. Today, we pursue a disciplined yet creative approach to investing across the Sustainable Energy Ecosystem. While much has changed since Quantum’s founding, we continue to believe our biggest competitive advantage is the ability to attract and provide value-added support to entrepreneurs we partner with to build great companies.


  • ESG
  • Digital
  • Procurement
  • Marketing &


  • Private Equity
  • Credit &
    Structured Capital
  • Venture Capital

Our Focus

  • Responsibly Sourced Oil & Gas
  • Infrastructure
  • Power & Renewables
  • Decarbonization 
  • Energy Technology

What Sets Quantum Apart

Having built one of the leading global private equity franchises focused on the Sustainable Energy Ecosystem, Quantum seeks to attract leading energy and sustainability entrepreneurs to be its partners. By investing in all things energy, we better understand the interplay across the energy value chain, which is increasingly critical given the challenge of achieving net-zero emissions.

Quantum also provides more than just capital to its portfolio companies. We pride ourselves on being value-add, hands-on partners, and we invest in our own business accordingly. Our in-house Strategic Shared Services team allows us to propel our partner companies to a higher level.


How We Are Unique

Pioneers in energy private equity

Quantum was one of the first energy private equity firms. For almost a quarter century, we have focused on supporting energy entrepreneurs.

Diverse energy investments

We have significant experience investing across the entire Sustainable Energy Ecosystem.

Value-added partners

We take a more selective approach to ensure we can stay highly engaged in all the investments we make. We invest in our internal capabilities to be more value-added to the companies with which we partner.

Harnessing the power of technology

Quantum is building a next-generation digital platform for the energy and sustainability industries to harness the power of data and software to make better business decisions.

Responsible investing

From best-in-class ESG stewardship to various philanthropic endeavors in the communities in which we operate, we are committed to making the world a better place.

Our People Make The Difference

Every member of our team is passionate about the Sustainable Energy Ecosystem and working with the entrepreneurs that drive its progress. We believe that it takes a true partnership mentality to build great companies and we live that belief every day.

Investment Team
Client Solutions
Support Staff

Wil VanLoh
Founder & CEO
Charles Baillie
Ajay Khurana
Jim Baird
Partner and General Counsel Emeritus
Roman Bejger
Partner and General Counsel
Matt Chuchla
Chuck Davidson
Tom Field
Jeffrey Harris
Michael MacDougall
Bill Montgomery
Jonathan Regan
Garry Tanner
Blake Webster
Lance Schuler
General Counsel - Private Equity
Keila Diamond
Managing Director and Head of ESG
Sebastian Gass
Chief Technology Officer
Rob Anderson
Managing Director
Nathan Andrews
Managing Director - Technical
Alex Jackson
Managing Director
Basak Kurtoglu
Managing Director – Technical
Rob Meister
Managing Director
Lane Neal
Managing Director – Technical
J.B. Oldenburg
Managing Director
Bill McKenzie
Chief Digital Architect
Greg Butler
Jeff Jones
Director – Technical
Fauzul Lakhani
Scott McGregor
Sewell Strifler
Arvind Battula
Head of Data Science
Ian Brown
Head of Digital Engineering
Paul Seifert
Assistant General Counsel
David Knop
Vice President
Cole Medrano
Vice President
Tori Najvar
Vice President
Shea Robin
Vice President - Technical
Robby Rybarczyk
Vice President
Brandon Schmidt
Vice President
Adam Smith
Vice President
Stewart Weingeist
Vice President
Tran Ly
Senior Associate
Chet Murthy
Senior Associate
Alex Quintos
Senior Associate
Bebe Siegele
Senior Engineer
Adam Taberner
Senior Engineer
Michael Waldron
Senior Associate
Fariha Alam
Senior Geoscience Analyst
Zak Aldelamy
Lucas Anderson
Zoe Hockenberry
Emily Dunlap Kochar
ESG Associate
Digjay Patel
Ryal Reddick
Robert Reinbolt
Luke St. Pe’
Nick Self
Miko Griffin
GIS Analyst

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